It all started on a battlefield in the Teutoburger Forest. In the year nine AD, the German prince Arminius defeated the Roman legions, thus laying the foundation for what would become Germany. Today, the country looks back on a moving, not always glorious, history and invites you on an exciting search for clues.

Garden secrets from the monastery


“Eco-tomato,” “organic potato,” “sustainable cultivation,” these terms had not yet been invented when the Benedictine nuns at the Abbey of St. Mary in Fulda decided to banish slugs, herbicides and chemical fertilizers from their land. While during Germany’s economic miracle, the insecticide DDT was sprayed quite liberally without concern, these nuns switched to natural cultivation.

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Places of the Golden 20s in Berlin


It was like a life of intoxication. In the 1920s, Berlin was considered to be the fastest and most dazzling metropolis in Europe. In the so-called "Golden Twenties," the heyday between World War I and World War II, the city was a pioneer in art and fashion, science and technology and had the reputation of being the center of all imaginable pleasures.

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Koenigshaus am Schachen / Bayerische Schloesserverwaltung

Castle Schachenschloss – King Ludwig's magic palace from 1001 nights


Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof are the famous fairytale castles built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II in the 19th century. The buildings could hardly be larger, more pompous or more elaborate; they are world famous and are visited by millions of tourists every year!

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The secrets of Maulbronn Monastery


From rapacious abbots, a medieval underfloor heating system to the secret scourging chamber, no one knows the secrets and stories of the old monastery as well as Angelika Braun. The 56-year-old has grown up behind the meter-thick walls, and will give you a guided tour through her own personal Maulbronn.

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