Family time
Families traveling together is usually the best time of the year, at least when visiting the places that are fun for everyone. We'll take you there!

A visit to goose farmer Huettig


The welcome is not really friendly. Loudly blustering, the brown spotted gander waddles to the fence. He cranes his long neck and starts to hiss as we enter the yard. The chickens are startled and run around clucking. "It's all right, Paul, we all know that you're the boss here," says Frank Huettig, as he opens the gate and takes a firm step onto the meadow.

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BMW world at night / München Tourismus / Foto: S. Mueller

BMW Museum


From the Isetta to the roadster - on polished paved roads, visitors to the BMW Museum are guided through the history of the Bavarian motor factories.

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Museumsdorf Cloppenburg

Museum Village Cloppenburg – a country life like 500 years ago


The windmill turns slowly, the clucking chickens run across the flowered meadow and scratch in the dust of the sandy path in front of the tavern. Four ducks make their rounds on the village pond. A wagon pulled by two powerful horses drives past; the driver calls out a friendly "Hello," and tips his cap in greeting.

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