Two seas to the north; in the south, the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Alps; in the west, the lovely Rhine and Mosel valleys with their vineyards; in the east, beech forests and mystical moorland. In between? Lots more Germany!

Oyster Fishermen


The working day for Christoffer and his two colleagues, Ulf and Caschi, is determined by the tide calendar. For 1:20pm today, the experts have predicted low water levels between List and Kampen. In rubber boots and thick blue sweaters, the three men leave the warehouse of "Dittmeyer's Austern-Compagnie" and drive by tractor to the Wattenmeer shoals.

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North Sea

Where the seabed meets the horizon: as a unique natural wonder, the North Sea Wattenmeer tide flats have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you walk from Cuxhaven to the bird island, Neuwerk, during the ebbtide, an exciting journey of discovery awaits you:

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In the Gold Rush at the Baltic Sea Coast


Let's go searching for gold! When the weather turns stormy at the Baltic Sea, the inland sea in the north-east, people are drawn to the outdoors. With small rakes and buckets, locals and tourists wander through the wind-skewed pine forests to the coast and start looking for amber - the gold of the Baltic Sea!

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